Our material
ProVinyl Fine:  wallpaper                                                     
Ecotex: wallpaper and wallpaper panels
€ 79,-/m2. Customizing is free.
€ 99,-/m2. Customizing is free.


Our wallpaper is printed on a vinyl top layer with a non-woven backing. It weighs 350 grams per m2. And it has a fine structure and a matte, elegant appearance. A bit velvety, according to some customers. We divide the wall decoration into 70 or 80 cm wide strips. The last strip can contain white space to make it fit to the chosen width. This is easy to cut away. Provinyl is applied to the wall with wallpaper glue. Fire certificate B1 / M1.

Ecotex 100% recyclable

We are very happy that we can now offer Ecotex to our customers. It looks like a combination between wallpaper and fabric, and  the colors splash off the canvas. Ecotex is color, scratch and tear resistant. You can wipe it off with a damp cloth. Ecotex is 100% recyclable and can be used in the kitchen and bathroom. Not in the shower cubicle. We divide Ecotex into 80 cm wide strips. In addition, Ecotex can be up to 5m wide in 1 piece.